Immune and Antiviral Support with Camel Milk

In the current climate of COVID19 reality, it is important to stay healthy and strong. Our bodies need support and nutrition like never before. And one of the best real, whole foods on the market is camel milk. An ancient superfood. A modern dairy.

Camel and calf

In The World Journal of Pharmaceutical Sciences, a review of the medicinal properties of camel milk states that camel milk contains disease fighting immunoglobulins which are proven to penetrate upon consumption, boosting the consumer’s immune system.

Recently, the unique features of the camel immune system and its possible health benefits to humans has been noticed by and put into practical use by biotechnology companies all over the world.

Camel milk also contains powerful anti-viral properties in the form of Lactoferrin. In the published article Antiviral Properties of Lactoferrin – A Natural Immunity Molecule, it is explained that lactoferrin interacts with viral cell surfaces inhibiting viral adhesion and entry into host cells. The article states:

The capability of lactoferrin to exert a potent antiviral activity, through its binding to host cells and/or viral particles... strengthens the idea that lactoferrin is an important brick in the mucosal wall, effective against viral attacks and it could be usefully applied as novel strategy for treatment of viral infections.

In a recent article titled Lactoferrin: A Natural Antimicrobial Protein, camel lactoferrin was found to exert the highest antibacterial/antiviral action. The authors state that: 

Lactoferrin suppresses Influenza virus infiltration of inflammatory cells in the lungs.

As well as great immune and anti-viral activity, camel milk also contains high concentrations of potassium, magnesium, copper, sodium, zinc, iron, B Vitamins, Vitamin C.

Family drinks camel milk

Regular drinking of camel milk makes the immune system stronger, helps to protect against virus and has no known allergic responses meaning camel milk can be used by all.

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